Power Hour bootcamp Mount Acadia Park |  5PM


Power Hour bootcamp Mount Acadia Park | 5PM


let me try train swim (TBD) | 8:00AM


Boot Camp Mount Acadia Park |
8:00 AM


Boot Camp Mount Acadia Park |
8:00 AM

Get To Know Kimberly

Kimberly, “Kim” is the owner of the wellness transformation organization, Super Bodies In Motion and the creator of one of the most successful weight loss programs, The Biggest Remover Challenge. She has collectively helped people remove thousands of pounds of unwanted weight, transforming them into the best shape of their lives. A wife and mom of four, Kim grew up on the East coast. Like all of us she faced many challenges in her family dynamic. Her Grandmother, a beacon of hope, instilled self-confidence and spirituality in her. Filled with determination, Kimberly directed that energy into sports where she grew rapidly as an athlete in performance and character. She was offered an athletic scholarship to college. Kim studied abroad in London and later settled in California where she studied film at UCLA. In between film classes and work she trained with some of the most notable fitness experts where she excelled in her disciplines of fitness and wellness. Kim has been training in the areas of Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Cycling, Cross-training, Obstacle course racing and Nutrition for over 22 years. She has worked with YMCA’s and other fitness facilities to develop Kickboxing programs in the east and west coast.

Kimberly has been an inspiration of hope to her family, friends, clients and community. Her passion is to inspire people to bring out their personal best.

Swimming 75
If you believe you can or you can't your right. - Henry Ford We believe you can and you will !!
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Clients Testimonials

Today there are hundreds of sites with so called “testimonials” many of which are paid to say nice things about the company. These are real people, with real results, many of whom are still with us to this very day.

I Joined Superbodies In Motion, and the Biggest Remover Challenge because I needed a life change. I needed more motivation and more energy. If my future body were looking back at me right now he would tell me thanks. San Diego,CA
Kyle Osborne
Kyle Osborne Removed 18 Pounds
“Last year I joined the Biggest Remover Challenge. At first, my confidence in my abilities to complete this challenge was very low. Kim helped me make decisions that lead to lasting change at 62 Years old I removed 17 pounds.” San Diego CA
Eileen Quinn
Eileen Quinn Removed 17 Pounds
Before Super Bodies In Motion Biggest Remover Challenge, I was a 62 smoker who was overweight with high blood pressure and high cholesterol among other things. I would come home from work completely exhausted. I now have a clean bill of health, Kim’s support is what makes the biggest difference she really cares and you can sense that. Thank you so much Super Bodies In Motion!!!
Noreen Alan
Noreen Alan Removed 12 Pounds